Stettfeld is a pretty little hamlet on the Main river in an region known as the Haßberge, just 15 kilometers northwest of Bamberg. With some hiking trails in the forest north of town and a fine brewery in it, Stettfeld is a nice choice for some beerwandering if in the area.

Adler-Bräu Bräustübla
Hauptstrasse 19
Stettfeld 96188
Tel: 09522/369

Edelsbach/Eltmann Station 4k/irregular bus service from Bamberg

Opening hours:
Closed Tuesday & Saturday
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday      from 10:00
Friday & Sunday                                  From 10:00

Output: 10,000 HL

Founded in 1730, this small brewpub has a following beyond its size. Set in the countryside outside Bamberg, it draws its fair share of beerwanderers. It’s a brewery that remained outside my radar for a long time. In fact, I first ran across their beers at the Sankerwa in Bamberg. It was a busy stand despite being a bit off the main area and my wife and I both thought their Altfrankisches Lagerbier was the best beer of the fest.

Unsurprisingly, I made a plan to get to the brewpub as soon as possible and we stopped by recently on our way to visit my wife’s family in Saxony. I had the hours right but on the way we dropped by, it was closed for a four day weekend.  I was none too happy but thankfully, I knew about a Schwarzes Adler up the road in Dörfleins-Hallstadt, which saved the day. I did get some nice photos of the exterior as it was a sunny day.

I was specifically there to try their Hellerbock, which would have been on tap if open but was happy to find it in a large beer store we stop in every year.  It was a fine Bock but surely better on tap. We’ll be back and hopefully, next time there are no surprises.

Adler Altfränkisches Lagerbier and Heller Bock

Beers: Adler-Bräu Altfränkisches Lagerbier, Adler-Bräu Stettfelder Pils, Adler-Bräu Weizenbier, Adler-Bräu Stettfelder Hell, Adler-Bräu Stöpflder Zwickel.

Beer calendar:
Bärentage (first weekend in July) featuring their Bärentrunk
Bockbieranstich (mid-October) featuring their Hellerbock
Kirchweih (first weekend in November)

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