Adler-Bräu Stöpflder Zwickel

unfiltered yellow beer in glass with bottle
Adler-Bräu Stöpflder Zwickel

Brewery: Adler-Bräu
Style: Zwickel

Color: unfiltered yellow

Head: white, rocky

malty, slight grain, light hop, mown grass
Body: medium

Palate: balanced,
nice interplay of grain and hops
Finish: clean, dry, pleasantly bitter

Served: from bottle bought locally

Impression: Though I didn’t see this at the brewery’s pub when I was there, I later read that they have a Zwickel, a style I find to be about as varied as any I’ve run across in Bavaria. Perhaps it’s only on tap at the pub in the busy summer months, probably the time of year I’d be most likely to order it anyway. I was happy to find a bottle and it poured impressively with an effervescent body and massive rocky head. The nose had some mown grass mixed in with the expected grain and light hops. It’s a pleasantly dry quaffer with just enough hops to dry it out without being overly bitter. I’d say it’s better than their flagship Pils and I’ll look to try it on tap the next time I’m there.

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