Wettelsheimer Märzen

Wettelsheimer Märzen

Brewery:  Strauss
Style: Märzen
Color: deep amber

Head: massive, rocky
, off-white
Nose: rich
malt, hint of spice
Body: full
-bodied, low carbonation
Palate: rich
malt, some spice, underlying hops
Finish: clean, semi-dry

Served: gravity dispensed from wooden barrel at the Wettelsheimer Keller

Impression: Wettelsheimer beer was off my radar prior to doing my yearly plans for the upcoming beer hunting season. Now, that I’ve found it, I don’t know how it took me so long. This region of Franconia is more noted for maltier beers and Märzen in particular so not your typical Franconian fare if you are used to drinking in Upper Franconia. I’d walked in and the Keller was surprisingly full for a Thursday lunch. As soon as I saw the wooden barrels, I knew it was going to be good. It came out looking about as good as a beer can, with a massive head and malty aroma. It’s a real thirst quencher and dangerously drinkable for 5.5%. Though there are no discernible hops, they are present as while this beer is supremely malty, it is not sweet or cloying in the least. If you want to know what a Märzen should taste like, this in a beer to look for and this is the place to look for it in. 

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