Hofmann Festbier

dark beer with big head in mug
Hofmann Weihnactsfestbier

Style: Festbier Dunkel

dark brown, garnet highlights
rocky, light tan
Body: full
malty, very slight roast, fruity, hoppy
Finish: long, dry, slightly bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression:  The go to beer at Hofmann is their tasty Dunkles Export but I was happy to find this Festbier on tap when I did the hike in November.  It’s reportedly a seasonal in November and December and I’ll make sure to go back again in those months. This was a real treat with a similar character to their Export but just amped up in every way.  It was rich and malty, with a very slight roastiness. There was ample hopping from the get go and it mingled with the maltiness from beginning to end. There was some fruitiness and a long dryish slightly bitter finish.  This is what a Festbier should be: the brewery’s best beer but a bit stronger, a bit more special. Even though I had to hike back to the train, I bought two bottles to bring home. My wife loved it, too.

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