Lindenbräu Vollbier

amber beer in mug
Lindenbräu Vollbier

Brewery: Lindenbräu
Town: Gräfenberg

Style: Vollbier
Color: amber
Head: white, rocky
Nose: malt
Body: medium, low carbonation
Palate: malty, slightly dry, hint of bitterness
Finish: dryish

Served: gravity dispense and on regular tap at the brewery

Impression: The first time I had this beer a few years ago I was blown away by it. We were doing a hike there for the first time and the rule was to only have one beer at each of the five breweries. We broke the rule at our third stop, this one. It was so soft and easy to drink but with a fine interplay of hops and malt, drying in the moreish finish.  I had it recently in the evening at the brewpub and it seemed much simpler and was on regular tap. The next morning, it was from gravity dispense again so had one before I left and it was as remembered.

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