Schönbrunn is a pleasant if unremarkable town in itself but the surrounding area is quite pretty in a gentle, rolling way. There are fine areas to walk and bike so it makes a great base if a countryside break is what you’re seeking. Of course, with the find Lang-Bräu Bräustüberl not only offering fine food and beer but also overnight accommodation, why now?

schönbrunn lang exterior
Brunnenstraße 10
95632 Wunsiedel (Schönbrunn)
Tel: 09232 28 13


Marktredwitz 10km

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Friday  from 4:00
Saturdays from 10:00
Closed Monday

Output: 20000 HL

Founded in 1853 and still very much in the able hands of the Lang family, who manage to pull off the difficult task of the expanding circulation of their fine line of beers and running a well-oiled brewpub with full hot meals every day. It’s on the very far extremity of Upper Franconia and has a touch of Lower Bavaria to it with regard to both their beer and food. The interior was closed off due to COVID-19 restrictions which would have made the enclosed space with only one entry/exit point hard to impossible to run. Thankfully, it was a nice day and the outside seating area was where we would have chosen to sit anyway. With a few beers to try, I went with their lighest offering first, a fine Helles.

a tasty Helles on a warm day in the sun

The menu featured a few meals we don’t always see and my wife was happy to find Bachhendl as an option and I went for Schweinebach. The chicken turned out to be the boneless version and my pork stomach was very tender and tasty. I skipped the Weißbier and went right to the Pils due to time constraints.

the Pils passed the test, as did the fine food

We noticed many people having dessert and everything looked good and homemade so we split a Oma’s Kuchen, filled with fresh berries. If there were a chance my wife wouldn’t return here, it went out the window with this lovely cake, topped with fresh whipped cream. I had the best beer of the bunch, their retooled and fairly hoppy Lager.

lovely Lang-Bräu Lager & even lovelier berry cake

We did a great 8 kilometer hike after lunch and afterwards my wife was dying for an Apferlschörle and that gave me a chance to try their Weißbier. Both were very refreshing!

Schönbrunner Weißbier Hell & some bottles I picked up

I think we found a great new lunch stop. It’s on the less busy route home and a very pleasant place. Of course, if my wife wants to drink, we’ll have to spend the night but that’s okay with me too!

I recently picked up both of their Bocks at a beer shop and both were quite good, reviews below. On the opposite of the spectrum, I also tried their 2.4 Schankbier.

both the Dunkler Bock & Heller Bock are worth seeking out

We had planned a lunch stop at Hönicka in nearby Wunsiedel but they were on vacation so we wound up coming back to Lang for lunch. We squeezed right in before it was packed and sat in the very cute front Biergarten area. Little touches make all the difference. Due to somewhat relaxed COVID restrictions, I got to check out the interior seating but it was far too nice to not sit outside!

a peek inside & little touches

I had the goose breast and it was one of the best I’ve ever had. I opted for the Helles, from memory my favorite of their tap beers.

always a lovely meal at Lang Bräustüberl

My wife got a big salad with bacon an baked cheese. She said it was super. We split a piece of their cake and was we’ve grown to know, they are homemade and excellent. I got their seasonal 7 Sternchen Pils and despite the overly fizzy pour, it was seven stars indeed.

Bräustüberl Salad & 7 Sternchen Pils

It was another great stop at Lang Bräustüberl, one of our favorite lunch stops on the trip between my wife’s family and home.

Beers on tap: Schönbrunner Hell, Schönbrunner Pils, Schönbrunner Weißbier Hell and Lang-Bräu Lager.

Bottles: Schönbrunner Weißbier dunkel, Schönbrunner Spezial, Burggraf dunkel, Siebensternchen Pils, Heller Bock, Dunkler Bock, Naturtrübs SuperAle, LAGER, Erotik-Bier, 2.4 Schankbier

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