Lang Bräu Burggraf Dunkel

dark beer in glass with bottle

Lang Bräu Burggraf Dunkel

Brewery: Lang Bräu
Style: Dunkles

Color: deep chestnut

Head: off-white, rocky
malty, some chocolate
Body: full

balanced, some chocolate, underlying hops
Finish: clean, slightly bitter

Served: from a bottle bought locally

Impression: When you go into a local beer store, you never quite know what you’ll get but I try to buy any Dunkles I see since I want to support their being brewed. Sadly, the style seems to be going by the wayside and some can be on the sweet side. This one looked gorgeous on pouring, dark with a great rocky head. There was some chocolate in the nose, always a good sign for me. There were some fair hops in the mix and I found the finish clean. It was full of flavor and easy to drink at 5.5%.  It was good enough that I’d make plans to eat at their Bräustüberl if it’s on my route.

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