Lang Bräu Bock

golden beer in glass with bottle
Lang Bräu Bock

Brewery: Lang Bräu
Style: Hellerbock

Color: deep golden

Head: white, rocky, thinning
Nose: rich malt, hint of apricot

Body: medium

Palate: malty, slight apricot, underlying hops, alcohol permeates
Finish: clean, semi-bitter, semi-dry

Served: from a bottle bought in the area

Impression: This is a fairly new on the radar brewery for me but after having a few of their beers in bottles and also enjoying a meal and a few of their beers on tap at the brewery’s pub, I don’t shy away from buying their products when I see them. I was happy to find this Hellerbock and a gorgeous one it was on pouring. It’s quite potent at 7.5%, especially for the style and while smooth, the alcohol permeates throughout. That said, it’s got some fair hopping and the finish is on the dry side with just enough bitterness to make it about as moreish as the potency will allow.

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