Lang Bräu Lager

unfiltered amber beer in glass

Lang Bräu Lager

Brewery: Lang Bräu
Style: Lagerbier

Color: unfiltered, amber

Head: off-white, creamy, rocky
floral hops
Body: medium
, soft
Palate:dry, fruity, hoppy
Finish: dry, slightly bitter, moreish

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: By this point, having really liked both the Helles and Pils, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this but the description sounded promising so I’d saved it for last. In Fraconia, it’s rare for breweries to use aroma hops or at least enough of them to be noticeable. This had a far dose of Hallertauer and was fifty cent more for a half liter but well worth it. It was again a great looking and poured beer and while quite hoppy, it was perhaps the least bitter. Talk about session beer at only 4.5% but still very flavorful too. It was my favorite of the lot.

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