Metzgerbräu Lagerbier

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Metzgerbräu Lagerbier

Brewery:  Metzgerbräu
Style: Lagerbier
Color: unfiltered amber

Head: rocky

slight grain, hops
Body: medium
-bodied, medium-carbonation
Palate: firmly hoppy, good malt backbone, fruity

Finish: long, dry and bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: This butcher shop come brewery always sounded a bit odd but after reading Gehard Schoolman’s of Cafe Abeits rave review of the beer, I decided to pay it a visit. As it turned out, there was fine hiking in its vicinity so perfect for my upcoming Beer Hiking Bavaria book. Well, it was quite a surprise. Not only was the beer fantastic, as good as anything else in an area rich with breweries but it being a butcher shop was a real plus I’d unwittingly underestimated. Of course, great homemade sausages would make great home-brewed beer better. Why wouldn’t it? Now, I can’t wait to go back. If anywhere in the area, you should make the trip there, too.

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