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Stublanger Straße 2
96231 Bad Staffelstein (Uetzing)
Tel: 09573 63 04

Bad Staffelstein station 7.5 km/regular but limited bus service

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday 7:30 am to 20:00 pm
Sunday 14:00 pm to 20:00 pm (call to make sure, this was previously only open on certain Sundays)

Metzgerbräu is certainly one of the most unique breweries in not only Franconia but I’d venture to say anywhere in Germany. In an area rich with breweries, it might not have come as a surprise that the local butcher would decide to brew beer but that’s just what he did in 2004. That it would be a raging success shouldn’t be all that surprising, either if you consider how well the beer and house-butchered sausages go together!

It’s a very informal place with most of the seating outside. Some of it is under cover in case the weather turns sour. You can walk around and look at the brewing equipment and there is an indoor seating area up by the kettle. To get beer or food, you go down some stairs and fetch it yourself. There is a huge selection of cold sausages. Smoked ham is the specialty but I haven’t had it yet so another good reason to return.

Metzgerbräu kettle & indoor seating area

It took me quite a few years to get here and must thank Cafe Abseits  steward Gerhard Schoolman for his recommendation. It was quite busy the day I stopped in and once I took a sip of the beer, I knew why. I went for a nice local hike and returned to find many people still there drinking. Along with my return beer, I got a couple of this “knacker,” a local soft sausage and they were up to the quality of the beer. Together: heaven.

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Metzgerbräu Lagerbier & Knacker

I made it back briefly in September 2021 to show a friend who was touring the area with a car. It was a one-beer stop but I did get to take a picture of my book wit one of the best beers featured in Beer Hiking Bavaria!

a quick beer stop at Metzerbräu

Beer on tap: Metzgerbräu Lagerbier, seasonals.

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