Ammergauer Maxbräu Kellerbier

Ammergauer Maxbräu Kellerbier
Ammergauer Maxbräu Naturtrübes Kellerbier

Brewery:  Ammergauer Maxbräu
Style: Kellerbier
Color: dark honeycomb, unfiltered

Head: rocky

Nose: citrusy
Body: medium
-bodied, medium-carbonation
Palate: dry and fruity with refreshing mix of citrusy hops

Finish: long, dry, slightly bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: The first time I made it to this new upmarket brewpub I’d had fairly low expectations but was pleasantly surprised by the beer. This time through, it wasn’t going to catch me by surprise and it was coming after climbing the mountain that graced its logo, the Kofel. The hike was amazing and the beer proved to be up to task to not only living up to my first impression but also to the hike.

This is one of my favorite Kellerbiers in southern Bavaria but my favorite beers hail from Franconia.


2 thoughts on “Ammergauer Maxbräu Kellerbier

  1. Thought of you yesterday and today because I took a quick trip to Franconia, not for the beer but to see an opera in Coburg, at my 69th German opera house.

    1. Tried to drop you a line but didn’t see a way to do it. Have been writing a book, hence my not doing a blog since March. Finished on Wednesday though some editing coming up a couple weeks. Should be out mid-September to early October. It’s called Beer Hiking Bavaria from Swiss publisher Helvetiq. Oddly, Coburg is one town in Franconia I haven’t been. The breweries closed down years ago though I hear it’s a beautiful place and really should try to at least day trip there from Bamberg when there.

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