Herbsthäuser Brauerei

Alte Kaiserstraße 28/1,
97980 Bad Mergentheim (Herbsthausen)


Bad Mergentheim Station 12km/fairly regular bus service

Opening hours:
Tours by prior arrangement, please check their website for times/prices.

Output: 60000 HL

Formerly known as Schwanenbräu and founded in 1581, it’s been in the Wunderlich family since 1875. This mid-size brewery produces a large range of beers and has a strong presence in their region.

 three bottles which prompted my visit

I had picked some bottled Herbsthäuser beers when in Distelhausen a year prior to my visit but I didn’t do a tour of the brewery. I did eat two meals at their Brauereigaststätte, during which I sampled their beers on tap.

Beers: Edel-Pils, Helles, Gold-Märzen, Alt-Fränkisch (Dunkel), Hefe-Weizen Hell, Hefe-Weizen Dunkel, Kristall-Weizen, 1581, Radler, Radler Naturtrüb, Saures Radler, Alkoholfrei Hell, Weizen and Radler.

Beer calendar:
Heller Bock
Schwarzer Schwan
Weihnachtsbier for Christmas

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