Herbsthäuser Brauereigaststätte

Alte Kaiserstraße 28/1,
97980 Bad Mergentheim (Herbsthausen)
Tel. 07932 286


Bad Mergentheim Station 12km/fairly regular bus service

Opening hours: (CLOSED, looking for new tenant)

Tuesday 11:30 to 14:30 (food until 14:00)
Wednesday to Saturday 11:30 to 14:30 & 17:30 to 23:00 at the latest (food until 21:00)
Holidays 11:30 to 15:00 (food until 14:30)
Closed Sunday and Monday (even if either of those days are holidays)

The Brauereigaststätte has an even longer history than the brewery, dating back to 1511 and is a historically recognized building. Though I found the patio area lacking and much too hot on an admittedly hot summer day, the interior is quite cozy and actually cooler than sitting outside. Unfortunately, I’d already eaten when I discovered this.

patio & interior of Herbsthäuser

I arrived just in time to have lunch as the restaurant takes a midday break, not unusual in small village pubs. I wasn’t sure what kind of menu they would have a night so I opted for a larger meal than the weather warranted. It was roasting hot and I was thirsty so I opted for their Hefe-Weizen hell. I don’t generally drink them in Franconia but I’d had it bottled and liked it. Besides, it was about as perfect a day for the style as you could get. There wasn’t much left when my Rinderroulade came out. It was quite good but served with a huge mound of Spätzle. It was well over 90F and I had a fair hike to do in the afternoon so to say this was not the wisest choice is an understatement. I was disappointed to find their Alt-Fränkisch wasn’t on tap but got a bottle as it was the perfect pairing for the meal if not the weather. A siesta would have been the thing to do but there was the Bierwanderweg to tackle.

a refreshing Weizen, large Rinderroulade & Alt-Fränkish

After the hike and a much deserved (and needed) shower, I ventured back to the Brauereigastätte for dinner. I wasn’t particularly hungry despite the long walk but I didn’t have a reservation and wanted to make sure I got a table. Besides, I was thirsty and they had a few beers on tap I hadn’t had. I dove right in with their Helles and it was about as refreshing a beer as I may have ever had. I followed up with their 1581, an unfiltered Festbier.

 DHerbsthäuser Helles & 1581

Along with their rather large meals more suited for a winter day, I spotted Flammkuchen as a daily special. It was relatively inexpensive so I figured it wouldn’t be too big and would give me something I could nibble on while I drank the rest of the beers. I turned out to be quite large but very good. I had another Helles and followed it up with their Edel-Pils.

Edel-Pils & Flammkuchen

I probably should have headed back to my room but there wasn’t much I was going be able to do there. Without air-conditioning, the pub was likely cooler. Besides, they still had a few bottled beers and one I hadn’t tried. So, I got their Hefe-Weizen dunkel which paired well with their Zwetchgen Creme Brulee.

a cool spot, refreshing Hefe-Weizen Dunkel & dessert

It was a very enjoyable meal and service was friendly and swift. They took their time pouring all the beers and I wasn’t rushed despite taking up a whole table with one person. I guess I drank for a couple. 😉 I would gladly return but I think I’d choose a cooler month to best enjoy the hearty fare and find the Dunkel on tap.

Beers: Edel-Pils, HellesAlt-Fränkisch (Dunkel), Hefe-Weizen Hell and 1581 on tap Bottled: Gold-Märzen, Hefe-Weizen Dunkel, Kristall-Weizen, Alkoholfrei Hell and Alkoholfrei Weizen.

Beer calendar:
Heller Bock
Schwarzer Schwan
Weihnachtsbier for Christmas

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