Herbsthäuser Weizen Dunkel

dark wheat beer in logo glass with bottle
Herbsthäuser Weizen Dunkel

Brewery: Herbsthäuser
Weizen Dunkel 5.2%
Color: unfiltered mahogany

Head: off-
white, rocky, yeasty
fruity, yeasty, some roast
Body: medium

balanced, fruity, yeasty, some roast
Finish: lingering, semi-dry

Served: from a bottle at the Herbsthäuser Brauereigaststätte

Impression: I asked to do a self pour and it’s looking good. Quite dark and though there’s some roast, it remains quite fruity. I’m not sure it would have held up without the Zwetschgen Creme brulee but it’s a great accompaniment. With the dessert, the finish is lingering and semi-dry with a hint of roasty bitterness.

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