Fürst Carl Bräustüberl

Schloßstraße 6
91792 Ellingen
Tel: 09141 703 40

 Ellingen Station 1km

Opening hours:
Closed Monday (and Tuesday from November through March)
Daily  11:00 to 22:00

There has been a brewery with a Bräustüberl at this location since 1690. It’s quite an operation now and while I didn’t get to see the interior, I imagine it’s nicely done up. It was a nice day and everyone was sitting out in the Biergarten which is in the courtyard of the ornate brewery and across from the even more ornate palace.

Biergarten at Fürst Carl

To be honest, I didn’t know anything about Ellingen until relatively recently. I’d actually had a few Fürst Carl beers in bottles a couple years ago. I thought they were pretty good but I also had no idea the brewery was in Franconia. After a little investigation, I found out that not only was it just up the road from favorite Weißenburg but also that there was a palace in what looked like a very nice little town.  So, when I sat down for a beer and meal, I didn’t really have many expectations aside from I remembered liking their Dunkles in particular. Still, I ordered the Schlossgold Export to start off as well as a plate of their Schlossbraten.

Schlossgold Export & Schlossbraten

I would have usually worked my way up to the Dunkel but I wanted to have it with the dark sauce the pork was smothered in so got it next. I followed it up with their Kellerbier and finished up with a Märzen not listed on their website. All were quite nice and I especially liked the Märzen but they were all overly carbonated as was the Export. It’s a shame as all were essentially good beers but either too gassed or just not carefully poured. 

 a trio of three more fine beers, marred by over-carbonation

They had some bottled beers on their menu but their bottle shop is conveniently open all day and is across from the Biergarten in the same courtyard. So, I got some to bring home. I would gladly return to Ellingen as it’s a nice town and I’d like to check out the interior of the palace on a tour. It’s certainly a nice day trip and the Bräustüberl is a fine lunch stop as well. I’m sure I’ll take my wife sometime and I can only hope whoever is pouring the beer is better than on this visit.

Beers: Schlossgold Export, Dunkel & Kellerbier plus one seasonal (Märzen, Josefi Bock) all on tap. Bottled Pils, Urhell and Franken Ale.

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