Settlements in what is now Ellingen date back to Celtic times but it was first mentioned by the name Elling in 899 AD. It was fortified in the 1600s but the only remaining gate is the Pfleinfelder Tor. This is also around the time a castle brewery was first mentioned in 1690.  Fürst (Prince) Carl von Wrede took residence in the castle in 1815. The town was bombed during WWII but thankfully the castle escaped damage.

the Ellingen Residence

The town gets its share of German tourists but escapes the scrutiny of the average English speaker. That is unless they are of the beery variety. For those, it is a fine place to explore before or after a delicious meal washed down by a Fürst Carl beer.

 lovely Ellingen

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Fürst Carl Bräustüberl

Fürst Carl Schlossbrauerei

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