Brauerei Friedrich Düll (Krautheimer Bier)

brewery exterior
Landstraße 4-8

97332 Volkach (Krautheim)
Tel: 093817108940

Seiligenstadt Station  15 km/Schweinfurt Station 20 km

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday 8:00 to 16:00
Friday 8:00 to 12:00

Output: 30000 HL

Founded in 1654 and in the same family since 1881, this small brewery produces a large range of beers and has a fair reach in their area. Along with their own water source and yeast cultivation, they impressively do their own malting and have their own a distillery.

This is one brewery where I was able to pick up quite a few of their beers prior to actually making it there due to its being nearly impossible to reach with public transportation. Sadly, their Brauauschank has been closed since COVID but their Biergarten is still going strong so a warm weather season visit is essential if you want to sample their beers on tap.

Beers: Krautheimer Pilsner, Krautheimer Helles, Krautheimer Weißbier, Krautheimer Dunkles Hefe-Weißbier, Krautheimer Landmärzen, Krautheimer Urtyp Dunkel, Krautheimer Kellerbier, Krautheimer Main-Lager, Krautheimer Brew Dudes, Krautheimer Light, Krautheimer alkoholfreies Weißbier, Krautheimer Alkoholfrei, Krautheimer Radler, Krautheimer alkoholfreies Radler.

Beer calendar: while supplies last
Krautheimer Dunkler Doppelbock from October
Krautheimer Heller Bock from October
Krautheimer Weihnachtsbier from December

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