Düll Krautheimer Urtyp Dunkel

dark beer in glass with bottle
Düll Krautheimer Urtyp Dunkel

Brewery: Düll
Style: Dunkel 5.4
Color: mahogany

Head: off-
white, rocky
Nose: malty, white pepper, hint of coffee

Body: medium

Palate: balanced, malty, white pepper, faint coffee
Finish: lingering, semi-dry

Served: from a bottle bought at Landbier Paradies

Impression: Nice looking Dunkles with an ample head and signature white pepper in the nose. This is coming on the heels of a surprisingly good Dunkles from Raab and is a tad thin for the style. I think if I were to drink this blindfolded without knowing it was a Dunkel I’d like it more. I’m actually getting used to the white pepper and while many might be put off by it, I find it interesting. You can’t say they taste like all the rest.

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