Krautheim (Volkach)

Krautheim is a small municipality, part of Volkach in the Kitzingen county of Lower Franconia. Volkach is an important wine growing/tourism town known for lying on the Mainschleife, the largest meandering river landscape in Bavaria. I must admit to not getting to Volkach proper and only found out about the important geological aspect after seeing it on the beer label. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I was here to check out Brauerei Düll and drink some Krautheimer Bier in their what turned out to be a very scenic Biergarten. I’ll have to return one day when I have more time to explore. Links go to individual reviews.

vineyard on the Mainschleife

Krautheimer Biergarten
Brauerei Friedrich Düll (Krautheimer Bier)

Krautheimer Brauauschank

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