Staffelberg-Bräu Loffelder Dunkel

dark beer in mug
Staffelberg-Bräu Loffelder Dunkles

Brewery: Staffelberg-Bräu
Town: Loffeld
Style: Dunkles
Color: chestnut
Head: off-white
Nose: rich malt, hint of chocolate
Body: full, medium carbonation
Palate: rich malt, touch of dark chocolate
Finish: semi-dry,  bittersweet

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: I can’t be sure if I had this beer on my first visit here in 2003 as the Märzen was quite possibly referred to as Dunkel back then. No worries, I got back to this fine little brewpub in 2019 and it appeared the Märzen is now relegated to a bottled beer (hey, better than no Märzen at all, as is the case at many other breweries) while the Dunkles is one of the brewpub’s most popular offerings. It’s a fine looking beer and it’s medium carbonation and smooth malty palate make for a very easy drinking brew. The slight chocolate note and underlying hops make it one dark beer you could drink all night long, if the brewery didn’t have so many other well-made beers to sample, that is.

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