Schneider-Bräu Märzen

Schneider-Bräu Märzen

Brewery:  Schneider-Bräu
Style: Märzen
Color: deep amber

Head: ample, thinning

Nose: rich
malt, hint of spice
Body: full
-bodied, low carbonation
Palate: rich
malt, some spice, underlying hops
Finish: clean, bittersweet

Served: on tap at Zur Kanne in Weißenburg

Impression: This was a acquaintance beer and a good one at that. Schneider-Bräu Märzen was in one of my original Bavarian beer guides. I’d gone there on a solo trip quite a long time ago and had also revisited a few times with my wife and some friends and family. I was sad to hear it had closed down in 2015 and equally happy to hear that, as of 2018, the brewery was at least making beer for their old restaurant that is in quite capable hands. You’re always a bit worried in a situation like this but the beer came out looking like a deep amber beauty with a rich malty nose. It was well-presented and the flavor lived up to its appearance. It was a rich full-flavored beer with ample malt and some slice spiciness. The hops were an undercurrent but made for a clean bittersweet finish. It’s a perfect beer for autumn and that it was the day I returned.

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