Schneider-Bräu (Zur Kanne)

Bachgasse 15
Weißenburg in Bayern 91781
Weißenburg (Bayern) Station 2km

Opening hours: Might be subject to change, please call in advance to make sure
Closed Monday & Tuesday
Wednesday & Thursday           5:00-10:00
Friday, Saturday & Sunday    10:00-2:00  &  5:00-10:00

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Founded in 1772, Schneider-Bräu may not have been the biggest of Weißenburg’s breweries but it was surely the most beloved. It sadly stopped brewing in 2015 when the family decided to concentrate their business interests elsewhere. With a cozy atmosphere and great quality and value meals, it could have likely survived as a restaurant with another brewery’s beer, as it did for some time. Oddly, the brewery did still brew beer for the city’s Kirchweih once a year so perhaps this is what has led to the latest development in its long history.

an old photo of Schneider-Bräu & the historical plaque outside the pub

In 2018, the family decided to find a tenant to take over the operation of the pub with the agreement that the brewery would again supply it and it only with their beer.  So, in autumn of that year, Zur Kanne opened its doors once again with what sounds like great food and the same beer. The brewery is not bottling their beer as in previous times and it doesn’t sound like there are any plans to do so, either.

my wife & I on an earlier visit to Schneider-Bräu & their small brewery museum

I’ve not been back since they reopened but plan to soon. My wife is excited as she’s only been there once and still talks about the food.  I also took my visiting Dad there and he was equally impressed with their fine meals.  Their go-to beer was their Märzen and it appears thankfully to be one of the beers that is available on tap now, too.  We had a marvelous pumpkin soup, Bratwurst and pork fillets over roasted potatoes and string beans that day.

pumpkin soup with Märzen, Bratwurst & pork fillets

When I went with my Dad, we both opted for a lovely Schnitzel that was also served over roasted potatoes and was accompanied by the best string bean bundles wrapped in bacon I’ve ever had. My wife has been dreaming of having them ever since (she had to work that day!). Though she loved the Schneider beer, I think she was saddest about it closing due to these string beans.  Anyway, she was happy to hear it’s reopened and hopes to find them still on the menu.

Dad’s not a real beer drinker but for a meal like this, even he’s happy at a brewery

Beers: Märzen, Helles, Weizen all on tap

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