Wettelsheim (Treuchtlingen)

Wettelsheim is a small village which is part of the larger town of Treuchtlingen. The latter can be reached by direct trains from Munich and Nürnberg. It is located in the Altmühltal Nature Park so it’s a pretty area geared towards both hiking and biking. Many trails take in the popular Wettelsheimer Keller, just on the outskirts of its namesake village and between it and Treuchtlingen, where you’d arrive if you come by train.

Brauerei Strauss (makers of Wettelsheimer beer) is located in the village and while there are a few village restaurants which serve their beer, the closest thing to a brewery tap is the Wettelsheimer Keller, which locals flock to during the warmer months.

wettelsheim biergarten
Wettelsheimer Keller
An der Rohrach 17
91757 Treuchtlingen
Tel: 09142 8389
Brewery website: www.wettelsheimer.de

Opening hours:
May to September Thursday to Sunday from 10:00
July and August, same as above plus Monday to Wednesday from 4:00
Closed from October through April

Brauerei Strauss was founded in 1797 and prides itself on its traditional methods, as evidenced by their still using large wooden kegs and even offering them to private customers. While they brew a range of beers, this is one area where Märzen remains very popular. In fact, it’s the only beer available at the Wettelsheimer Keller. If you see a lighter colored beer, it’s a Radler (mix of beer and soda). There are a few restaurants in Wettelsheim, which serve their Helles and Pils in addition to their Märzen but I’ve not made it there in the cooler months yet. If you are there between May and September, by all means the place to drink Wettelsheimer beer is at the Keller!

Märzen still served from wooden gravity dispense barrels & the Keller view

The Keller was built in 1850 and has been a popular destination ever since. With fine views of the Altmühltal, it’s easy to see why but location is only part of their popularity. Marga Walk has been running the place with her two sons for 43 years and the 84 year-old woman is a better server than most people a quarter her age. In fact, it was some of the best service I’ve ever had at a Bierkeller. The quality of the beer and food sure doesn’t hurt either and as is not untypical of the area, the value is tough to beat. I had a large mixed meat plate and when I came back after my walk, I had a Bratwurst sandwich.  Both were excellent quality and it was one of the best Märzens I’ve ever had.

great value mixed meat plate and super tasty Wettelsheimer Märzen

The place is a real beauty, about as perfect a Bierkeller as you’ll ever find, with big leafy trees in proliferation and a grand view of the valley. There are multiple levels of seating and the place really gets packed and understandably so. I found their Wettelsheimer Hell in at the train station and it’s well worth picking a bottle or two up.

Beers on tap: Wettelsheimer Märzen (gravity dispense from large wooden barrels)

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