Hönig Posthörnla

amber beer in mug
Hönig’s gorgeous Posthörnla

Brewery: Hönig
bright amber
lightly smoky
Body: medium
-bodied, medium carbonation
full malt, undercurrent of smokiness, ample hops
Finish: long, dry,  bitter

Served: on tap at the Naturfreundenhaus above Veilbronn

Impression: I’d had this beer from a bottle a few times and always liked it but unless I found it at a beer store, I tended not to drink it. I’ve never seen it on tap at the brewpub and I can’t see drinking bottled beer if there are a few on gravity dispense, as is the case generally at Hönig. I did a great hike from Heiligenstadt to Veilbronn and wasn’t counting on having a beer until I’d returned but was happy to find this great little Biergarten with Hönig beers on tap. I certainly wasn’t expecting the Posthörnla, which came out bright amber with a gorgeous creamy head. It was one of the most refreshing Rauchbiers I’ve ever had and certainly a great introduction to the style for those not so into smoky things.

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