Höhn Görchla-Bock

golden beer in mug with coaster
Höhn Görchla Bock

Brewery: Höhn
Color: unfiltered golden

Head: rocky, ample

Nose: slight grain

Body: medium, soft

Palate: grainy, slightly hoppy

Finish: semi-dry, bittersweet

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: I’d been to Memmelsdorf a couple times but always chose the Drei Kronen up the street as our stop. The two visits were spread out over so many years, so I hadn’t felt the need to choose Höhn since its reputation wasn’t as good. That said, it always bothers me to have a place at my doorstep and not drop in.  We’d had a long day of hiking outside Schesslitz and had been to the brewery there and in a nearby village but our bus was running right through Memmelsdorf so we made a stop to check out the local Christmas market, and naturally stop at Höhn. It was nice and warm inside and I was happy to find their Bock on tap. They took a lot of time pouring it, which worried me a bit as we did have a bus to catch but it when it came out with its massive rocky head and very little fizz, I knew it was worth the wait.  If it had tasted as good as it looked, I’d have cursed myself for not coming sooner but it didn’t stand up to the two Bocks I’d had earlier in the day. That said, they were stiff competition and Höhn’s was certainly an easy drinker with a clean bittersweet finish. I’d like to return in summer and check out their nearby Bierkeller.

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