Meedensdorfer Straße
96117 Memmelsdorf
Tel: 0951-406140

Bamberg Station 6 km/regular bus service

Opening hours:
Daily from 16:00 to 22:00 (food until 21:00) in season (generally end of May until end of September)
Closed on Wednesday as of mid-July 2022
Closed when the weather is bad

This small Bierkeller on the edge of town may seem extravagant when the brewery is only a few blocks away but it provides an entirely different experience than the more upscale restaurant. For a town Bierkeller, it retains a rustic flair and the ample shade is easily provided by real trees rather than less productive umbrellas.

the shady, rustic Höhnskeller


By most accounts, the beer at the Keller isn’t as good as at the brewery and I found this to be the case on visits in previous seasons but both times I was there in 2022 and five times in 2023, the beer was every bit as good and it’s certainly a more atmospheric place to drink it. I finally got to try one of their Brotzeit dishes but still hope to get to their great looking Flammkuchen in 2024.

Limburger mit Music & a tasty Görchla

Beers: Görchlabier

Beer calender:
Kirchweich from the middle of August
Görchla-Bock tapping at the beginning of October at the Keller

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