Göller Dunkles Bockbier

dark amber beer in glass with bottle
Göller Dunkles Bockbier

Brewery: Göller
Zeil am Main
Color: deep amber

Head: massive, rocky

malty, burnt caramel
full-bodied, low carbonation
rich malt, slight roastiness, burnt caramel
Finish: clean, slightly dry and bittersweet

Served: from a bottle bought locally

Impression: I wasn’t sure what to expect from Göller before going there as it was a fairly large and somewhat commercial brewery but I was blown away by the brewpub. The food was amazing and they had a huge portfolio of well-kept and tasty beers on tap. So, buying bottles from them now is not a problem, either. I got this one close to the source and it poured beautifully, with a rich amber color and massive head. I like my Bocks on the hoppy side but this one plays it more to the traditional Dopplebock malty side. That said, it does it very well and while it’s mostly a malty treat, it does have some hops in the mix as the finish is clean and fairly dry for 7%.

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