Kaiser Festbier

amber beer in mug
Kaiser Festbier

Brewery: Kaiser
light amber
white, rocky
malty but a hint of hops
full-bodied, low carbonation,
a big malty flavor with hoppy undertones, soft, quite dry
Finish: dry and bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: This was a quick stop with the bus on the way to Zehendner in neighboring Mönchsambach. As is the case in Franconia, if there is a great brewery in the area, there’s a fair chance that in the next village, there’s another. This area has its share for sure. This was a very quiet unassuming little pub with three locals and the brewer hanging out. The old timer also served the beer and though not the quickest server, he’s a damn good brewer. This was a winner and I was sad I only had about 45 minutes until the next and likely last bus to the next village rolled through. There’s a little outside seating area out front. I hope to return one sunny day to enjoy it!

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