Much like neighboring village Priesendorf, there isn’t much to Trabelsdorf but there are numerous hiking trails including the Panoramaweg in the vicinity.
Brauerei Beck
Steigerwaldstraße 6-8
96170 Lisberg
Tel: 09549 252
Bamberg Station 13 km/limited bus service
Opening hours:
Closed Monday to Thursday
Friday to Sunday from 4:00
Output: 3500 HL
Founded in 1895, this small brewery seems more intent on selling their beer outside their pub then in it from the hours listed. I must admit to not actually getting inside myself. I had made a trip to neighboring village Priesendorf to visit Brauerei Schüfer only to find it closed until much later in the day. With time to kill while waiting for the bus back to Bamberg, I walked back to Trabelsdorf even though I knew this brewery was closed too.  I did eventually make it back to the brewery in Priesendorf but have not managed to get back to this one due to the hours and logistics with the limited bus service.  Hope to do some extended walking in this area and stay in this village one evening to check it out.
Beers: Pils, Lagerbier, Kellerbier, Weizen, Dunkles Jahrhundertbier, Emmer-Bier.
Beer calendar:
Bock from the end of October or beginning of November
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