Priesendorf is a small village in the Steigerwald, a pretty hilly area with numerous hiking trails including the Panoramaweg, a trail high on my list of things to do in Franconia.
Brauerei Schrüfer
Hauptstraße 31
96170 Priesendorf
Tel: 09549 317
Bamberg Station 15 km/limited bus service
Opening hours:
Closed Wednesday unless a holiday, then it’s closed Thursday
Monday to Thursday from 3:00
Friday to Sunday and holidays from 10:00
Output: 700 HL
Founded in 1865, this small village brewpub remains in the Schüfer family who brew some of the driest beers in Franconia. It lies directly on the Panoramaweg that takes in some fine scenery as well as a few breweries along the way. It’s likely busy in summer but I’ve only been there in winter, once to find it closed and the second time, thankfully open with a few locals enjoying their Vollbier, actually the lighter of their beers, typical of the Steigerwald region.  I mistakenly thought the darker beer was the Vollbier but decided to have both since it took me two trips to get inside the door!  Both were similar and excellent.  I didn’t get a chance to eat as  I had to catch a bus back to Bamberg in an hour but I’ll be back.
Beers: Vollbier
Beer calendar:
Dunkles beer from October to April
Kirchweih is the last Sunday in August
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