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How to celebrate a 10th Anniversary on the Fünf Seidla Steig®

The 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Fünf Seidla Steig was a blast.

Beer Hiking is a thing: Fünf Seidla Steig®

For those how haven't heard, beer hiking is a thing despite it not being on Wikipedia. It will surely be there soon, mark my words. I just might have to do the write-up myself if no one else does. So, what exactly is beer hiking? Quite loosely, it's the combining of hiking and drinking beer. … Continue reading Beer Hiking is a thing: Fünf Seidla Steig®

How to get from brewery A to brewery B

Bavaria has over 400 breweries and getting to them is easy even with public transportation. This post will help you figure out how to use public transportation to get around Bavaria, including trains and buses.

How to bus from brewery A to brewery B

Sometimes there's no bus to a small village with a great brewery but there might be a bus. How to catch that bus can be tricky but here are some tips to help you get on the right bus including RUF buses, AST buses, which are call buses.