Den Wilden Mann (Brauerei Hauf)

Wörnitzstraße 1
91550 Dinkelsbühl
Tel: 09851/55 25 25 (restaurant/pub) (actual brewery site)

Crailsheim Station 23km/Dombühl Station 23km/regular bus service

Opening hours: (used to be daily outside Wednesday from 10:00 but more convoluted now)
Closed Wednesday
Monday & Thursday from 17:00 to 23:30
Tuesday from 14:30 to 23:30
Friday from 16:00 to 24:00
Saturday from 10:00 to 24:00
Sunday from 10:00 to 22:00

Output: 10000 HL

Though the modern and enlarged Hauf brewery is now located on the outskirts of town due to capacity necessities, the original facility is Den Wilden Mann. Hauf was founded there in 1901 and is in the fifth Hauf generation. The Brauereigasstätte has been an operating brewery/pub since 1658. It has been leased from the brewery to a tenant since January 2022, who seems to be doing a bang up job from my one recent experience in April 2022.

It’s a great cozy pub with lots of dark wood atmosphere. They have a good varied menu and excellent service. While you can find Hauf beers at many restaurants in town, this is still considered the brewery tap with three regular beers on tap and a rotating seasonal. An added plus is they offer .3L branded glasses.

cozy Wilden Mann & tasty Dinkelsbühler Weisse

Though I tend to not drink Weissbiers in Franconia, I’d had a very good one at Weib’s Brauhaus earlier and the possibility of having a .3L sample was too tempting. Their Dinkelsbühler Weisse was good enough for a full .5L and will know better for next time.

Excellent Hauf Helles & a lovely soup

It had been a warm day but it was cooling down so I ordered the Pfannkuchensuppe, a personal favorite, which was excellent. I’d made short work with my little Weissbier so ordered the equally good Hauf Edel-Hell.

Hauf Pils & a super Bockbiergeschnetzeltes

I move onto the Hauf-Pils, a great aperitif for my hearty meal. I was prepared for their evening special but noticed a great looking dish being served to a neighboring table. I decided to go for it, a rich  Bockbiergeschnetzeltes. Geschnetzeltes is similar to goulash it its being cut up pieces of meat which is easy to eat. The sauces are generally excellent and this one made with Bockbier fit that bill well. It screamed for a dark beer so I ate slowly.

a Friedrich Hauf 1901 Dunkel & Dinkelator

I’m always happy to see a brewery featuring their dark beer. While most people were drinking Helles, the coaster had the Friedrich Hauf 1901 Dunkel in commemoration of the brewery’s founder. It went well with my sauce laden meal. I finished up with their Dinkelator, a rich Doppelbock which was unfortunately not on tap. I guess I missed it by a week or two. They had Apfelküchle but I was too full to attempt it without my wife in tow.

It took me some time to visit this charming town and I’d come back even without the great beer on offer. Den Wilden Mann is worth coming for in itself. I look forward to returning with my wife, and getting that Apfelküchle with her!

Until then, I picked up a few bottles at a local supermarket. Two I’d not had were the Hauf Export and the Hauf Helles Vollbier, evidently somewhat different than their Edel-Hell as they sold both.

some bottles to tide me over

Beers: Friedrich Hauf 1901 Dunkel, Hauf Pils and Hauf Weisse on tap plus one season, generally a Edel-Hell in the warmer months and a Festbier when it’s cooler. Hauf Dinkelator is available during Lent. Hauf Weihnachts-Bier during Advent season.  Bottled Hauf Helles Vollbier, Hauf Export and Hauf Dunkle Weisse.

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