Brauhaus Binkert

brewpub exterior

Westring 5
96149 Breitengüßbach
Tel: 09544/984 88 57

Breitengüßbach station 1 km

Opening hours:
Wednesday to Sunday  15:00-22:00

Output: ?

Founded in 2012, this is one of the more successful newer places in the modern American craft brewery mold.  They opened an equally modern adjacent pub in 2016 to round out the picture. The beers range from traditional to typical American clones but the food is strictly Franconian.  They also have a nice looking outside seating area but the weather was grim on my lone visit and I’d just eaten so I only experienced a few of their many beers on tap.

scenes from Brauhaus Binkert

I hadn’t given much thought to visiting Brauhaus Binkert despite its popularity. I’d had one of their beers at the Nürnberg beer festival and wasn’t impressed. Their stand was swamped so I was alone in my feelings evidently. It’s a very modern place with newer style beers. Being from the US, I’m not really looking for that here. I did, however, recently buy some of their bottled beer and liked all of them so I decided to head out to the source to drink some of them on tap.

signature Amber Spezial & Binkert Pale Ale

I started with their signature beer, the Amber Spezial. I’d had it in a bottle and though a little thin on flavor, I thought the flavors present were good. The draft version was better. I then had their Pale Ale which was not served in the cleanest glass but was certainly right on for the style

tasty IPA & Porter

Next up I went for the IPA, which had perhaps the best finish of the lot and definitely amongst the hoppy ales I’d stuck with. I finished with their Porter, the beer which probably brought me to the brewery in the first place. I’d like it in the bottle and the tap version was perhaps even better. I didn’t have time to sample their more traditional beers but have had a few in bottles so click on links below to read my impressions.

some of the bottles which got me here

The simple food menu looked good and will return with my wife, who loves porters and we’ll surely check out the food when there.

Beers: Original, Helles, Keller, Weizen, Amber Spezial, Pale Ale, IPA, Porter (all on tap!)
Beer calendar:
Bock mid to late October

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