Binkert Keller

unfiltered yellow beer with huge head in glass with bottle
Binkert Brauhaus Keller

Brewery: Brauhaus Binkert
Style: Kellerbier

Color: unfiltered yellow

Head: rocky, white, sudsy

Nose: grainy, light hops, yeast

grainy, hoppy, bitter
Finish: clean, semi-dry, bitter

Served: from a bottle bought locally

Impression: Binkert is a relatively new brewery which brews both traditional and new craft beer styles. They seem to have a fair following from the looks of their crowd at the Nürnberg beer festival. I’d tried both a beer there and a bottled Bock and found them both well-made but not overly flavorful. I saw some bottles recently and decided to give them a try too. This Kellerbier poured with a massive sudsy head and nice mix of hops and grain in the nose. It was a hoppy beer with some yeasty elements thrown in and the finish was dry and bitter. I’d have to say I liked this better than my first two impressions. Certainly quaffable at 4.9%. I’d buy it again.

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