Binkert IPA on tap

amber beer in glass with logo
Binkert IPA

Brewery: Brauhaus Binkert
Style: IPA

Color: unfiltered light amber

Head: off-white, creamy

Nose: citrusy/piney hops

medium, soft
balanced, semi-dry, citrusy hops, semi-bitter
Finish: clean, dry, semi-bitter

Served: on tap at the brewpub

Impression: This was another nice pour and in a much cleaner glass than the Pale Ale I’d just had. It again had a very soft mouthfeel ala nitro serving and though 45 IBU to the Pale Ale’s 30, it tasted even more balanced. The full-on citrusy aspect missing in the Pale Ale was back and without the odd bitterness which plagued the first two beers. It also had the cleanest of the finishes of the relatively hoppy trio of beers I started out with. It was the one I could drink the most of oddly enough since it’s 6.2%.

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