Binkert Original

yellow beer in glass with massive head and bottle
Binkert Brauhaus Original

Brewery: Brauhaus Binkert
Style: Vollbier

Color: yellow

Head: rocky, white, sudsy

Nose: grainy, light hops

grainy, hoppy
Finish: clean, semi-dry, bitter

Served: from a bottle bought locally

Impression: Binkert is a relatively new brewery which brews both traditional and new craft beer styles. They seem to have a fair following from the looks of their crowd at the Nürnberg beer festival. I’d tried both a beer there and a bottled Bock and found them both well-made but not overly flavorful. I saw some bottles recently and decided to give them a try too. This Vollbier poured with a massive sudsy head and nice mix of hops and grain in the nose. This was a bit less hoppy then their Kellerbier and lacked the yeasty element but this made the grain stand out more and the finish was perhaps slightly cleaner. It’s possible it’s the same beer but filtered and easy to drink at 4.9%.

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