Bootshaus im Hain

Mühlwörth 18 a
Opening hours:

May through September
Daily 11:00 to 22:00
October through April
Thursday to Saturday 17:00 to 22:00
Sunday 11:00 to 18:00

Bamberg Station 2 km

Though the Bootshaus isn’t a Bierkeller or even a Biergarten, I’m including it as it’s Bamberg’s only riverside restaurant despite so many kilometers of such real estate. It’s a lovely old building, open even in the cooler months but it’s the outside seating which shines. I’d not been in many years but a few months ago we stopped by for lunch on a Sunday only to find that coming without a reservation on the weekend is not only a no-no but just plain stupid. They squeezed us in at the entrance and while not exactly atmospheric, we did enjoy fine meals.

a fine meal despite the less than atmospheric seats

We wisely made reservations the following month but despite doing it on the Friday prior with a specific request to be on the river, we were told they could not guarantee it. We arrived to find we’d been placed one set of tables back but we did have a nice view. Unfortunately, the food wasn’t as good this time around. My wife’s Schweinelenchen, generally a very lean and nice cut of pork, had some grisly bits. My duck breast was a good but the skin, usually crispy from searing, was soft.

 great seats but disappointing food

One of the main reasons for such a quick return was the news that the Bootshaus now had their own beer. It’s rumored to be brewed at Kundmüller in Weiher but from their homepage, it is the first commercial offering of the longtime home brewing owner, Bernd, hence its name: Bernd Das Bier.

a lovely spot & lackluster new beer

A friend had forewarned me the new beer wasn’t anything special but it was on tap and looked nice in a logo glass when it came out. Its nose was promising but though the flavor components seemed to be there, it was all a bit watered down. The price was good for a Craft Beer and with this riverside location, a real one would cost at least twice as much. That said, it just wasn’t what someone looks for in this type of beer. Perhaps it’s meant for novices but I imagine the next time I’m there, I’ll stick to the regular offerings.

Beers: Bernd Das Bier, Weiherer Pils, Weiherer Lager and Weiherer Weizen hell on tap plus the occasional seasonal like Weiherer Bock, Weiherer Weizenbock and Weiherer Rauchbock.  Bottled Weiherer Urstöffla, Weiherer Rauch and Weiherer Zwickel hell or dunkel.

Event calendar:
Weiherer Bockbierantich in autumn

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