Drei Kronen Kupfer Ale

amber beer in mug with huge head

Drei Kronen Kupfer Ale

Brewery: Drei Kronen
Style: copper ale

unfiltered amber
white, dense, creamy
slight citrus hops
Body: medium
, medium carbonation
Palate: dry, fruity, Cascade hops
for citrus element
Finish: clean and somewhat bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: This might have been a one-off as I don’t see it on their website now and I had it in 2015, nearly 5 years ago. It came out looking like an old English ale in the appropriate mug, with a rather large dense head but the whiff of Cascade hops made it obvious it wasn’t likely to fit easily into any category. The photo is rather dark but it was copper in color and, rare for these parts, was an ale. It had the fruitiness of an ale but the Cascade hops made for a citrusy element that was slight but unmistakable. While this has become more common in Germany in the last few years, it was quite a surprise at the time. It’s a shame if they stopped brewing it but if you see it, it’s worth seeking out.

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