Knoblach Dunkles Landbier

dark beer in glass
Knoblach Dunkles Landbier

Brewery:  Knoblach
Style: Dunkles
Color: light chestnut

Head: dissipating

Nose: malt,
slight chocolate
Body: medium

Palate: chocolate malt, hoppy bitterness

Finish: clean, dry and bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: Knoblach is is one of my favorite Franconian breweries. Their beers are generally very well-hopped, bitter and supremely dry across the board.  I had their Dunkles the first time I went to the brewery and must say I’m not sure I’ve had it since as have returned for special events like their Rauchbieranstich and in summer when I generally drink their Ungespundetes Lagerbier from gravity dispense. It’s a shame as it’s a really good example of the style, especially if you like some hops mixed in with your chocolate. As with most Knoblach beers, there’s some fair hopping but there is a definite chocolate malt component to this Landbier.

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