Why go beer hiking in Murnau?

Murnau may not be on the average international tourist’s European itineraries but those living in southern Bavaria know its charms well. Lying a mere hour south by train from Munich, its delightful old town has its share of cafés from which mountain views can be enjoyed and a walk out to the Münter Haus is a must for art fans of Der Blauer Reiter, pioneers of German Expressionism.

Münter Haus and a stroll down the Kottmüllerallee are Murnau musts

Of course, there are tons of cute towns in Bavaria so why choose Murnau? Well, its full name is Murnau am Staffelsee and this latter part of the name is the gorgeous, large lake it sits on, a stunning group of mountains as its backdrop. It is also home to the Murnau Moos, a large flat moors area which contrasts sharply with the peaks rising to its rear. There are numerous trails to choose from but the The Moors of Murnau and Dragon Slayer routes are the most popular. The Moors option is longer and briefly allows you to traverse a very fragile ecosystem via a boardwalk path. The Dragon Slayer option finishes up with a walk along the lake. Both hikes can be done anytime of year and are detailed in my book Beer Hiking Bavaria, which not only gives you detailed turn-by-turn directions but also has write-ups on the two brewpubs in town. Click on photos below for a slide-show.

 some scenery on the hiking paths of Murau

Of course, there are two other good reasons to go to Murnau: Brauerei Karg and Griesbräu. The former is one of the most renowned Weißbier breweries in Bavaria and the latter is a more modern affair, though still heavily steeped in tradition, brewing both typical Bavarian styles as well as some craft beers. Both have excellent food and a great ambience. What better way to end your hike than with a refreshing Helles or Weißbier?

your beery rewards after your hike, all locally made

I’ve been living in Munich since 2010 and traveling in the area since the mid-90s (not counting that crazy trip to the Oktoberfest in the late 70s!) and much of this long acquired knowledge is now available in my book, Beer Hiking Bavaria oder auf Deutsch: Bierwandern Bayern.

beer hiking bavaria book coverbierwandern bayern buch

If you prefer someone who wrote that book to take you there personally, I now offer both of these hikes as well as many other options from your Munich base to explore some of the countryside that most visitors miss.  Have a look at my guided trips below to fully experience Beer Hiking in Bavaria.

Private Tours are just your group so we go at your own pace.


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    1. It’s very nice, Kevin. Actually, not enough snow this year but still very pleasant. Both hikes are low elevation but great views of the mountains in the distance thanks to the very flat nature of the landscape.

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