Karg Weißbier

unfiltered beer in glass
Karg Weißbier

Brewery: Karg
unfiltered, dark honeycomb
Head: dense, 
Nose: banana, some
Body: medium
-bodied, effervescent
dry,  fruity, some banana but also more hops than typical
Finish: clean, dry for style
on tap at the brewery

Impression: Karg was one of the Weißbiers I wanted to try when I first started to travel around extensively in Bavaria in the 90s. It’s still one of my favorites and I can happily buy it at the beer store in Munich. Still, there’s something about having it at the brewery. It looks the part but is a bit darker than you might be used to, having more of the appearance of a Schneiderweisse. It’s also got more hops in the mix but it’s not intrusive in any way. It’s a refreshingly fruity and dry Weißbier and a great way to end your hike in Murnau.

If you want to try some Franconian beer?

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