Löwenbräu Hennemann Landbier Dunkel

Hennemann Landbier Dunkel

Brewery: Löwenbräu Hennemann
Town: Stublang
Style: Franconian Lager
Color: deep amber
Head: dense, light tan
Nose: very slight chocolate
Body: medium
Palate: bitter, some roast
Finish: bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: I briefly stopped here in 2003 but have very vague memories of it and it was surely my least favorite of the three breweries visited that day. It was nice to finally get back here in 2019 and spend a bit more time sampling their wares. I had planned on eating a meal but it just didn’t pan out and think the beers might have fared better with some food to go along with them. This Landbier sure looked good when it came out but the overall bitterness without any overt hops just didn’t do the trick on its own. I like hoppy beers but this one just seemed to have one component, lacking any roundness.

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