Lingl Zoigl

zoigl in mug with pumpkin
Lingl Zoigl

Brewery: Lingl
Town: Neuhaus
Color: light amber to golden
, unfiltered
white, sudsy but lasting
grain, malt
soft, low carbonation
Palate: quite malty but very dry nonetheless, some grain, hoppy

Finish: dry, bitter

Served: from the tank at the brewery

Impression:  This was the first Zoigl after doing a 19k round trip hike to the Blockhütte so it was much deserved and refreshing. It’s a fine looking Zoigl with a sudsy head and appealing malty nose. It is surprisingly dry and bitter compared to what you expect from the first sniff but Neuhaus Zoigl in general is one of the most bitter and hoppy. This one lives up to this moniker and though not perhaps the session Zoigl we were looking for, it was quite an enjoyable one.

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