Lingl Zoiglstube

zoigl stube
Lingl Zoiglstube
Burgstraße 1
92670 Neuhaus
Tel.: 09681 1313

Opening hours:
Friday through Monday from 10:00
(check Zoigl calendar for weekends open)

The Lingl Zoiglstube has two quite different sections. The area where the Zoigl is dispensed is a low ceiling classic Zoiglstube affair but fairly small. When we arrived even mid-afternoon on a Friday, it was already packed. In the back is a larger area that more resembled a typical Bavarian restaurant with lots of light wood. It’s a pleasant enough area but it wasn’t very busy when we were there and hence seemed more sterile than is typical. I’m sure that evening, it was a different story.

interior of the back room at Lingl

Service was very friendly and quick but the menu was a small Brotzeit oriented one. We had a very nice plate of Geräuchertes, which always is the perfect accompaniment to Zoigl. The Lingl Zoigl is a dry and relatively bitter one, fairly typical of Neuhaus Zoigl.

Lingl Zoigl & tasty Geräuchertes

Beer: Lingl Zoigl

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