Hertl Opas Liebling Kellerbier

Hertl Opas Liebling

Brewery: Braumanufaktur Hertl
Town: Schlüsselfeld
Style: Kellerbier
Color: unfiltered amber
Head: massive, rocky, white
Nose: slight cereal

Body: medium, medium carbonation
Palate: well-balanced but leaning towards the malty side
Finish: clean but a bit abrupt, kind of just hanging there
Served: from a bottle bought at the brewery

Impression: Stopped by the brewery on the way out of Schlüsselfeld, where we had spent the evening to visit Scheubel’s Stern-Bräu. So, this was a bit of an afterthought and didn’t have a lot of expectations. Sadly, the tasting room wasn’t open so had to be content with buying a few bottles and was happy the brewer’s father opened up the beer store on a holiday morning for us. Along with an interesting sounding Gose, I got the Kellerbier, figuring it was a benchmark style from the area. It looked great on pouring and I had fair expectations after enjoying the Gose but the “new world” hops it was brewed with didn’t seem to be there in the flavor. In fact, I found it lacking in hops in general. It wasn’t a bad beer but just not up there with the admittedly stiff local competition.

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