I feel fine on the Kösseine

The Kösseinhaus is a great rustic hut located on the Kösseine peak in the Fichtelbebirge Nature Park. It can only be reached on foot from numerous parking lots within the park or further afield on long distance hiking routes. The closest lots involve hiking 2-3 kilometers on fair but uphill paths. There has been a weatherproof hut in this place since 1805 but the current structure was built in 1898 and totally renovated for its 100th anniversary. The hut is surprisingly large and while rustic, quite cozy. Full warm meals are served every day, year round. Since the closure of the Ratsstuben in Wunsiedel, this is probably the best place to sample the local Hönicka Bräu beers on tap. It’s certainly the most scenic!

Hönicka Bräu Zoigl on tap

Hönicka Bräu Zoigl is a balanced malty brew with a nice mix of grain and hops before the semi-dry moreish finish. As far as I can see, it's not available in bottles and there might not ba any other place do drink it than at the Kösseinehaus.