Steinfeld is a small town but it does have a bus stop and that stop brings you to not only their own great little brewery but also puts you within walking distance of a few more. There are a few rooms available in the village and it would make a good base if you’re into hiking and beer.

Brauerei Hübner
steinfeld hübner exterior
Steinfeld 69
96187 Stadelhofen
Tel: 09207 259

Bamberg Station 27 km/irregular bus service

Opening hours:
Monday to Wednesday and Friday to Saturday 10:00 to 11:00
Sunday & Holidays 10:00 to 12:00 and 1:30 to 11:00
Closed Thursday except during Taubenmarkt (Three Holy Kings to Easter, generally January to March) which is on Thursday so Friday is the day it’s closed

Output: 5000 HL

Founded in 1904 and still in the Hübner family, this small village brewery is quite bustling, especially during the Taubenmarkt Thursdays when they have an extended food menu. Otherwise, they generally have a simple menu with a few special days well posted on their new and much improved website.

I was only here once,  on a Good Friday very briefly on the way to another Hübner brewery in Wattendorf as the latter had a much bigger food menu.  It was a classic place and the beer marvelous. The best part, however, was the brewer, who wore a Scottish cap made of a Tartan material. We had a hell of a time understanding each other but he did give me a few beer mats when I asked him. Oddly enough, after we left, he ran out after us to give me a load more. He asked my wife where we’d come from and he seemed amazed a guy from the States living in Munich came all that way to drink his beer.  When planning a potential return trip, I was upset to read that he’d sadly passed away, evidently not long after our visit.

some great beers from Hübner

I had their Lagerbier at the Hirschaider Keller outside Hirschaid and picked up some of their seasonal beers in bottles including a 200th Anniversary Jubiläumsbier and Frühlingsbier. I’ve also had their Easter Beer and Helles Bockbier.

Beers: Vollbier

Beer calendar:
Staafelder Osterhäsla from two weeks before Easter to Easter (I was there on Good Friday and it was already gone!)
Kerwa Festbier from 3 weeks after Whit Sunday to the Sommerkirchweih
Helles Bockbier from the middle of September
Steinfelder St. Martin Patronatsfest from November 11th
Staafelder Christkindla in December

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