Häschaadä (Hirschaider) Keller

96114 Hirschaid
Tel: 09543/37 58

Hirschaid station 1.5km

Opening hours:
April 1st to October 31st
Daily from 15:00
December 1st to March 31st
Thursday, Friday & Sunday from 16:00
Closed in November

In local dialect, it’s the Hääschaadä Keller and it’s very much a real Bierkeller with plenty of trees and shady spots, a true Keller dispensary for two gravity-dispensed beers and great quality/value Brotzeit.

the surprising Hirschaider Keller

About the only downside of this little Keller is its proximity to the highway which makes it less than serene but it sure is convenient if on the road! It’s also fairly close to the Hirschaid station so an easy Keller to check out. I was surprised at how removed you felt from it all once there. The Kalterbraten was excellent and there were lots of guys hanging out by the dispensary, obviously enjoying the two highly regarded beers from the barrel. As of 2022, they carry Knoblach Lager rather than the more local Kraus beer.

Beers: Kraus Lager, Hübner (Steinfeld) Vollbier

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