Oberleinleiter is a small village conveniently located not only on the edge of the Fränkisches Schweiz but also on the Tummler Brauereienwanderweg which takes in two other fine breweries along its route. It is also home to a brewery of its own.

Brauerei Ott
Oberleinleiter 6
91322 Heiligenstadt i.OFr.
Tel: 09198 271

Ebermannstadt Station 15 km/Bamberg 22 km/limited bus service

Output: 8000 HL

Opening hours:
Closed Monday & Tuesday
Wednesday & Thursday 11:00 to 2:00 and from 5:00 to 10:00
Friday through Sunday 10:00 to 10:00

Founded in 1678, an Ott has been at the helm of its brewing operation and popular brewpub since its inception.  With its scenic location and homey atmosphere, it’s little wonder why the Ott family has been able to stay more than afloat all these years.

We finally made it here this past Good Friday and if I ever do it again, I’ll make a reservation. We’d walked from Heigilenstadt i. OFr. and though it was not exactly a meal time, it was positively packed. Only my wife’s disarming personality secured us a spot on an otherwise full table. To say the wait staff was in the weeds would be an understatement so the service was not particularly good.

The food was, however, quite good. The menu was ample but by the time we were seated, our first choice was already out but the salmon with with pasta and vegetable was quite good.

A tasty salmon meal indeed

There was a bit of confusion regarding the beer. I’d read about one called Obladara, which was there most popular and darkest of the regular beers. I didn’t see it on the menu but many people were drinking what I imagined it might look like. The server said it was the Original so I went for one. It was a primarily malty brew with some slight chocolate notes. The finish wasn’t the cleanest and more aligned with brews from the Aufseß area than with neighboring Huppendorf and Heiligenstadt.  I only had time for one more so got a Bock, which was a golden one with a nice mix of hops and malty. I’d have liked it to be a bit drier but it was a nice interpretation just the same.

Ott Original & Hellerbock

I’d certainly stop in again for a beer if doing the walk as there was still an Export, Weizen and Pils on tap to try. I’d probably eat there again, too but not so sure I’d do it on a busy holiday weekend!

Beers: Original (Obladara), Export, Pils and Weizen on tap.

Beer calendar:

Bockbieranstich in November
Hellerbock around Easter
Festbier around Christmas

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